The peer-reviewed scientific medical research published by Marty Hinz, MD

Regarding the peer-reviewed medical research paper written by Marty Hinz, MD et. al.

Who is Quackwatch? Quackwatch is a website operated by Stephen Barrett. Mr. Barrett has not had an active medical license for 26 years. He is not current with regards to the medical education actively practicing physicians are required to have to ensure sound medical judgment. Therefore he does not have the credentials to peer-review and pass judgement on medical decision making. Quackwatch Barrett appears to have only one focus in life - the disparagement of legitimate people. Most notable is his disparaging and condescending article about Linus Pauling, who is the only person ever to win two unshared Nobel prizes.

March 31, 2019, the CBS News documentary 60 Minutes spotlighted family members of victims killed in mass shootings. For prolonged periods after mass shootings, there is harassment of surviving family members by internet postings and people calling to claim the shooting never happened. 60 Minutes played phone messages to family members claiming, “You never saw your sister’s dead body” or “Your days are numbered.” In my opinion, there is a distinct parallel between people harassing family members of the dead and Quackwatch methodology of posting claims that peer-reviewed scientific papers posted on the National Institute of Health NBCI website are not real science. It is my opinion that there is no basis in fact for the harassing of surviving family members and no basis in fact for Quackwatch claiming he is skeptical of research. Both are harming people. Quackwatch is harming people in need of published medical care when it erroneously comments on medical research published on the National Institute of Health NBCI website. Quackwatch is an 86 year old man who has not practiced medicine for 26 years and does not have a robust state of the art medical practice capable of first-hand clinical evaluation of newly published cutting edge research applications. But, he has refined the art of harassment as evidenced by his Quackwatch writings of Linus Pauling, the only person ever to be awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes.

QUACKWATCH WRITES: "He is correct that the death rate has greatly increased, but does not prove that carbidopa was responsible. CDC itself has indicated that that "the increase might be attributable to multiple factors, including an aging population, greater awareness of the disease, and improved identification of cases." Recognition of the disease has increased significantly since the 1970s, partly because there are more effective drugs to treat it, so diagnosing the disease has value. I believe that the death-rate increase Hinz trumpets is far more likely to be due to more accurate diagnosis than to carbidopa toxicity."

OUR RESPONSE: Contrary to Quackwatch Barrett’s claim the center for Disease Control (CDC) has published no opinion and has no formal opinion on the increasing Parkinson’s disease death rate data. But, since carbidopa was approved the CDC has documented a 390% increase in the Parkinson’s disease death rate. Before carbidopa the death rate was decreasing. Marty Hinz, MD led a team of three medical doctors, three medical peer-reviewers, and the journal medical editor-in-chief who took four months, working daily, to complete the paper. Based on one brief phone call to the CDC, one man (Quackwatch Barrett) who appears to not have read or understood the paper proclaimed that the hypothesis of this good research paper to be invalid.

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