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Parkinson’s disease patient who was told by his doctor not to start this approach.
Parkinson’s disease testimonial by a medical doctor with PD and his licensed caregiver off screen.
This video documents the 2015 and 2016 treatment failures of a 43-year-old female to the most effective standard medical treatment for Parkinson’s disease available.
“Last summer I climbed one of the highest mountains here in Bulgaria, 2,700 meters. My mobility and everything is back.”

“Inside of a week all Linda’s symptoms were gone. It went from the worst she had experienced to the best.”
“You gave me my life back.”

“I have reason to live.”

“The tremors are 100% gone.” This patient states, “I already knew the prescription drugs did not work and had bad side effects.”
In this video, the patient notes, “Normally when you got Parkinson’s you are waiting for the next thing to deteriorate. The Beauty of this program is that now you have thrown all that into reverse and I am experiencing things I never used to do that I can do again.”
“I was told it was progressive, incurable. I was told I would probably end up in a wheelchair, that I would have a shortened life.“ This patient notes, “My progress has been amazing.”

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